Account Colors | integrate it Mozilla!

I used the addon Account Colors since a long time.
But the support seem to be ended, since the new webextensions standard. Not the fault of the programmer but it needs time to convert it, if you have it.

The great thing is, this addon helps you to have a clear and clean interface and have a lovely overview of your accounts.
MUTCH MORE BETTER than thunderbird can do it right now with its black or white background color.

So it would be very nice to implement such options like account colors has, in thunderbird as standard like “lightning” oder " OpenPGP".

Does anybody is in touch with an delevoper to propose it?
Thanks in advance!

I believe the version of TB that just came out supports assigning colors to folders etc. I guess if that’s exposed to extensions you coukd even automate the color per account thing.

Thanks for your reply, but it´s much mor ebetter to colorize the background of each email account.
Very useful and looks fantastic. =)
Maybe any alternative idea instead of “account colors”?