Account Colors | integrate it Mozilla!

I used the addon Account Colors since a long time.
But the support seem to be ended, since the new webextensions standard. Not the fault of the programmer but it needs time to convert it, if you have it.

The great thing is, this addon helps you to have a clear and clean interface and have a lovely overview of your accounts.
MUTCH MORE BETTER than thunderbird can do it right now with its black or white background color.

So it would be very nice to implement such options like account colors has, in thunderbird as standard like “lightning” oder " OpenPGP".

Does anybody is in touch with an delevoper to propose it?
Thanks in advance!

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I believe the version of TB that just came out supports assigning colors to folders etc. I guess if that’s exposed to extensions you coukd even automate the color per account thing.

Thanks for your reply, but it´s much mor ebetter to colorize the background of each email account.
Very useful and looks fantastic. =)
Maybe any alternative idea instead of “account colors”?

I confirm that colorizing the background of the boxes is very different than coloring a folder!
I have created a folder with all incoming emails from all accounts and by means of the background color I recognize which account it belongs to.
With the new version this thing is gone!
Why didn’t you think about converting all or most of the addons to version 78?
Why do you have to throw away the work of years of people who have dedicated themselves to making add-ons that now remain unusable?
Couldn’t you somehow keep the add-ons?
Couldn’t find a way to make it easier to switch add-ons to the new version?
With version 78 you have gone back years!
And it will take many years to get back to where you were with version 60!
I am truly sorry for these choices that I consider wicked!

Giuseppe is right. What makes (made?) Thunderbird convenient to people like me was the ability to customise it depending on one’s needs and wishes. Account colors was unvaluable to me to visualise whether a new message came from friends, from my office (including urgent matters) or from important contacts who use my certified e-mail address. Thunderbird has continued pushing new versions, making the work of freelance developers unsustainable, so more and more extensions are getting discontinued (see e.g. Thunderbird conversations, where you can no more reply to a message from inside the conversation). While I understand that this may bring advantages in terms of better performances and security, most of such advances are unnoticeable to users like me, who instead care very much about the extensions they have been using and liking for years. So what’s the plan, Thunderbird? Having us go back to Outlook and Gmail webmail? If that is your goal, you are very nicely progressing towards achieving it! How sad! As Giuseppe says, if you care about the future of Thunderbird and want to insist releasing new versions, you should at least support developers in migrating their addons towards the new framework. Otherwise, you are creating a super-highway that is too narrow for most cars to use it… All the best, Andrea

Would this extension be of any help?

Folder Account

Folder Account doesn’t do what Account Colors did. I have 15 email accounts loaded in TB. I had each account color coded which was wonderful. Now they are all Black colored and I have to look at each account name. Before I knew which account by the color.
I understand the frustrations the developers go through and see why they stop.

Account Colors is the most important extension for me. I urgently need it. If there is no replacement, I will be forced to replace TB.

Absolutely right. Would be extraordinary fine and great to see such an addon in Thunderbird.
Would be also a unique selling point and become for shure essential !!!

Maybe still not exactly what you are looking for, but is this possibly helpful:

You can create custom tags using Manage Tags, then use filters on each account to apply the tag to each account. This colors messages from each account different colors - is that what you are after?

Just to confirm that this addon is still missed. Probably many users of many legacy addons were complaining when they had to be dropped and later forgot about them or found replacements. But there is still need for Account Colors and there still seems to be no replacement.

Hi there,

looks like there is still no support for account colors. This is really poor. Seems like no one has recognized how comfortable that is. May be they all have only one account. I also can’t understand the TB developers why they cut down the great freedom TB users always had. This is the third addon I’ve lost in the last two years. As an Open Source project TB’s behaviour always was different to the MS products. Looks like they move more and more towards that direction with restrictions and limitations. This is not that sympathic and will be the reason to leave TB, if this won’t change back.

This solution works for me. Thanks Jamie!

I agree! I’ve installed Fossamail because it works with Account Colors even if it is old.
By the way, I can tell I am not pleased with the last versions of Thunderbird and not only by the lack of Account Colors!!!

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