Common Voice Android app: legal question about the logo and the name "Common Voice"

During that time, we will review community feedback, all open issues…

@Christos Hi, should I repost my comments here as issues? Should I separate them by topic or put everything in the same issue?

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Really thanks for the reply and for clarifications. That’s a very good news.
I’ll re-support the app and I’ll add a banner to advise users to report on Mozilla Discourse or GitHub bugs or problems got on website.

I hope Mozilla will understand the app is just to improve the project.
I’m a developer and I can unserstand the pressure Mozilla developers have as well, and the app should be a better news for them, because they could concentrate on desktop mainly, instead of both desktop and mobile.


All the technical issues are captured at GitHub. Feel free to add them there, using one of the relevant templates. Thank you!

Thank you @Sav22999 for your understanding.


First of all, thanks for your reply. It is appreciated.

As you know everyone from the website can send an audio, anonymously.

The app is better than an anonymous user, and it is donated to Mozilla by a volunteer.

I don’t undervaluate your phrase, but the context is different. Mozilla accept audio from everyone, even if anonymous. This app is a huge donation, and could help Mozilla.

Usually it could be an issue. But this is not the usual context. I know fair well laws on IP, I work on them since 1996. Talk with your legal department: the solution to all fears is to consider to fork and use the app officially, as previously suggested. In Laws there are many more solutions than no / yes.

I can understand you have a rigid roadmap. But this is a gift, technically excellent.

I stay tuned.


The only reason I have heard about this project is via F-Droid store that has this app. If it was not for this app, myself and my girlfriend would have not even find out about this project.

We were planning to do a campaign in Romania, to post on the facebook page Corruption Kills (130k followers) to encourage them to install the app and start improving Common Voice.
If we want users to remember to do this every X days, one of the most simple way is having an app installed that could send reminders and other things that you ask the app to do (set a goal of doing 10 translation per day)

We will need to rethink how we should do this, maybe using some custom google calendar events that users will coming, and a onboarding video showing them what are the X steps so that they can also contribute to this awesome open source project


I noticed that also. The app opens really fast (no network to wait[1] and browser to run) and having an endless stream of recordings to validate makes me now start more often and do more than with the web app and groups of five.

[1] The next/current recording is cached from last run

+1 I started recording again with the app. (And later stopped to focus on validations)

I’m not sure, the app would have nothing (features) to argument for the letting an app exists.

These are not the same people inside the 1000+ staff entity that is Mozilla. We shouldn’t mix everything, so the discussion will advance.


Which are they? Like an app with malicious intents or that is negligent?

Thank you for your reply and suggestions. We will take them under consideration and will bring them to our legal department as suggestions on how to handle the 3rd party access while securing our API.

I am afraid I can’t speak to that right now since I was not in the latest legal meeting and I don’t have legal experience. However, we have a meeting next week, when I will be able to share more about the specifics of their recommendation.

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Hi all, I want to second what @phire and @Christos wrote and thank them for responding while I was out for US Holiday + a personal week of holiday.

I echo everything they’ve written and wanted to add that supporting the best web based experience is our goal. This means exploring options that are not tied to a particular OS and enable Mozilla staff to support and maintain a manageable Common Voice codebase. For this reason we are spending time scoping a progressive web app implementation that could greatly improve the mobile experience across devices and create experience parity for everyone.

This team greatly appreciates your input, feedback and time spent contributing. Thank you!

… and a web app wouldn’t work offline and won’t be in the mobile app stores … but this is not the problem.

Can the app coexists with the web app ? This is the question.

I can’t understand why “this” or “that” and nothing else. Thank you @mbranson, I’ll stay tuned.


Still waiting for infos without a deadline, thank you.


Hi @valentinospataro, as I mentioned in my previous comment:

During this time, we are also evaluating our 3rd party access through our API, with the support of the legal team.
As soon as we have more concrete plans for the future of our API will reach out to everyone with the news. I believe we will be able to have something to share during the first 2 weeks of August.



Understood, thank you.

Due to the recent defunding, the Common Voice project has been now put in “maintenance mode”: does this mean that contributions from the common voice app will be allowed for the foreseeable future? I feel discomfort for the recent developments at mozilla, but this one in particular would be partly good news for me. Thank you for your time and effort.


@etcfstab thanks for reaching out here. At this point, yes, contributions made from the unofficial Android app will be accepted for the foreseeable future. Agreement with the Common Voice Terms of Service should remain in place in the app to ensure contributed data follows the same legal and licensing requirements as the primary platform at We appreciate your contributions!


Hi Megan, Christos, all

Any news about the official Common Voice API availability?


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I love the app and much like many contributors here, I feel it’s a good way to contribute (this is not how I discovered the project, but really soon after starting contributing, I looked for an app and I’m so glad I found one ! )