Common Voice Launches Personal Goals

Hello Common Voice Community,

We are excited to announce the beta launch of personal goals on the Common Voice website. Now you can set up a personal contribution goal that helps keep you on track with reminders. Once you complete a goal, you’ll even find an award on your dashboard.

Personal goals are designed with two main goals in mind: 1) to help you stay on top of your Common Voice contributions; 2) to help to drive contributions from the global community as we collaborate to reach 10,000 hours of validated voice clips in English. Why 10,000 hours? This is approximately the number of hours required to train a production speech-to-text system. Here’s how personal goals work.

Goals Page

You may have noticed that we’re pointing contributors to the new Goals page via a homepage banner and after completing a contribution. From the Goals page you can set up a new goal by clicking “Get Started” and then selecting a daily or weekly timeline. You can decide how many clips you want to contribute—the more the better—as well as whether you want your goal to be for speaking, listening, or both. You can also opt in for goal reminder emails (we won’t spam your inbox, but we’ll nudge you to stay on track) before confirming.

Once you’ve set a new goal for yourself, you can use your Goals page (see your Dashboard) to check in on progress, edit the goal as needed, and view your Awards. Since we’re hoping personal goals will help drive more contributions to the dataset, you can even share your goal on social media and invite your network to join along.

About the Beta

We’re launching personal goals as an English-only beta to trial the feature before a wider release. If you have English as a language on your profile, you’ll have access to the personal goals feature automatically.

This beta is just one piece of our annual roadmap for Common Voice. We’re also A/B testing several other new features in an effort to optimize the Common Voice website. As ever, our collective goal with these improvements is to build a larger dataset of voices that everyone can use to train new and innovative voice-enabled applications. For now, try setting up your own goal and let us know what you think.

The Common Voice Team