Community Action: The Aadhaar Campaign

Hello Mozillians,

This post is about ‘The Aadhaar Campaign’. Haiyya as an organization has previously taken a stance against Aadhaar as it threatens our active and open democracy, you can read the full post here. Few days back, Mitchell Baker has sent an open letter to the Justice Srikrishna Committee to protect our data and privacy. You can check the full e-mail here.

We as an organization and individual team members support Mitchell Baker’s ask to Government of India to develop a Data Protection Law that will strongly protect user rights. We support this attempt to get collective voices heard and want to extend our support further. I have signed this and request the community as well to sign the open letter here and make our voices heard onto the comprehensive privacy law.

Sign up NOW if you havn’t yet!


Why is this post made now? I mean 2 weeks late?
After the Sreekrishna Committee’s submission deadline?
Deadline which was 31st jan 2018.

@yomanpatil Hi there. I can’t speak for this post, but after consulting the foundation team can confirm that the Aadhaar open letter campaign launched and was running pre-submission deadline.

The post is in sync with the timeline as we are looking forward to get around 5,000 signatures till February 15th.