Haiyya’s Stance of Aadhaar

(Mrinalini) #1

This blog post is to outline that Haiyya as an organization is against Aadhaar. Our larger vision is of an India that is just, equitable, and sustainable for all. We are writing this as there was some queries from the community on our stance and because currently there is an important privacy campaign that is running by the India Community which we would like to support.

  • Aadhaar violates an individual’s right to privacy. which was upheld by the Supreme Court last year as a fundamental right protected under Article 21 of the Constitution. We support this judgement for its focus on personal liberties and citizen’s autonomy.
  • Recently Aadhaar has been subject to various data breaches and goes against the values of Data Privacy & open source. Proving to be an unsecured system.
  • Threatens our active and open democracy by targeting marginalized communities who are are vulnerable (through social exclusion). This is against Haiyya’s core values and work, which is to empower citizens to take actions and hold authorities accountable.
  • In our current political climate Aadhaar can be used to advance corporate and political interests and allow an abuse of power by the state.

We hope this post clears things up.

The Haiyya Team

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