Community Coordinator Role is here!

(Daniele Scasciafratte) #1

As part of our Reps Council OKR we are publishing a document based on Mission Driven Mozillians ( that will be introduced to the Reps Mentor initially and later to the rest of Reps.
The document is available on our blog ( and we are ready for any feedback here on Discourse!

(T.M. van den Broek) #2

Good to have this defined. Thanks @Mte90

(Rizki Kelimutu) #3

First of all, I want to thank all the Reps council member that have been working on this. This is a solid set of role that I guess most of Reps understand but just been explicit now.

I do have some questions around this:

  • Does that mean that we’re going to do a huge re-evaluation of all our current Reps and kick whoever doesn’t fit the role?
  • How is the regular review gonna happen? What are the set of measurement that we’re gonna use for the review process?
  • It was mentioned in the last part, about “skills improvement on community building”, does that something that Reps program gonna provide (like a professional training on community building or something) so we, as the community experts will be able to pass it over to the other community member?

That’s all the questions that I have for now.

(Tunde Awopegba) #4

I totally agreed with @Rizki_Kelimutu on the concerns.

(Daniele Scasciafratte) #5

No, before Mission Driven Mozillians there was the Mobilizer plan and we already defined at time this 2 kind of roles. We chosen to not remove who is already part of the program but also to not accept new people that doesn’t fit the community coordinator role. In few words we are not accepting since more than an year functional leaders inside the program.

This is something that is part of our plans on improving the usage of the report system and also as part of Q3 OKRs as Council we are experimenting an appreciation system to check inactive/active people and inform them about. Anyway that part is on definition so everything is not clear or official.

As part of the OKrs of the previous quarter the council is working to do a course for onboarding (so initially only on new application) that will be required in the future to all the Reps members. This will happen also to the mentors about the course for the new coaching practise that we already have for the new one since an year.

(Rizki Kelimutu) #6

Fair enough. Thanks for the anwers, @Mte90 I’m personally interested to see more of the progress of my 2nd point about the metrics. I hope Reps council will have more update about that soon.

(Felipe Do E. Santo) #7

First of all, great work and congratulations to everyone involved!

I really liked the part:

creating collaborations with other local communities in an effort to spread Mozilla’s mission and expand Mozilla’s outreach in the open source ecosystem

My questions are about the Review process, but @Mte90 already answered it.

(Yofie Setiawan) #8

I sometimes being questioned “Oh you are from Mozilla Community, how many members you have now?” Which i’m not sure how to answer. If i give number by how many Firefox users we have, that might be a lot. But usually i reffer to how many Reps we have.

Maybe we could suggest new structure where local communities (country) can also explore with ideas on how identifying people as “member”. Should we simply label people who only come to attend at Mozilla events, as “Mozillians”? Or people can get labeled as “member or Mozillians” when they already agree on some requirements to become “member or Mozillians”. Which these requirements can be adjusted by local community to fit properly on their respective areas. Or we can simply count number of members by checking if they already have account or not. In that case, the Community Coordinator should have list of the members, and make sure that all the members wouldn’t missed any updates or events happening, through their respective local social channels.

We should also consider, that Community Coordinator role is to coordinate a team (people with specific skillsets, tasks, and responsibilities) to work together with him/her. Not a role to coordinate random mass of Mozillians, alone.

(Daniele Scasciafratte) #9

There was a portal to count the mozillians but I cannot find the link right now.
Looking on about what Mission Driven Mozillians, for us all the people on that portal are mozillians with different level (vouch) that can be volunteers or mozilla employee but also of project outside mozilla like Rust.
As I can remember right now the number of mozillians was like 10000~ at a global level using the numbers of mozillians.

Again as Mission Driven Mozillians there was this plan of experimenting in India with Mission Driven Mozillian - Group Identities Pilot Launch but I think that @lharris can give more information about it.

Yes, exactly is a definition to help to understand the tasks, accountability and focus of the program also in the mozilla communities where we don’t have a lot of people and this is bad.

(Gabriela) #10

I think everyone who has contributed actively to a Mozilla related activity for at least 6 months or so should be considered as a mozillians whether he/she has a mozillian account or not. Those who don’t should be encouraged to create it.


(Daniele Scasciafratte) #11

Well we cannot consider a mozillians only if it is active because there was the headline “Once Mozillian Once forever”, so is better to differentiate between active and inactive and this kind of things are not easy to track. Fro that reason is used Mozillians to track them.