Community Portal Update : Introducing the Agency Team!

Hello Everyone,

We’re very excited to share that we have on boarded an incredible team for the Community Portal! Introducing you to Playground, they are a Toronto based design studio, their team of designers, developers and strategists will be building our one stop portal to enhance the experience of all Mozillians!

Collaborative Process
The development of the portal will be an open and collaborative process. We will be inviting inputs and feedback from community members:

  • We will publish weekly discourse posts on our brand new tag ‘Community Portal’ with updates and key questions. There is also an FAQ post that will be populated.
  • Host monthly Community Calls open to all community members to share progress, raise questions and gain clarity (information about how to join the calls will be shared here!)
  • Groups that are part of the ‘Pilot’ and Mozilla Reps will get a chance to engage deeper with the development process through additional monthly calls
  • follow along in the brand-new Github Repo

Timelines for the portal:

  • Development of the portal has begun (August 2019)
  • Estimated V1 release date is early 2020.

Upcoming Community Call
We will be hosting a community call this Thursday in lieu of the reps call. The call is open for all community members and a representative from the playground team will be joining us. Please leave your questions that you want addressed in the call as a comment on this post!

Looking forward to working closely with anyone! If you have any outstanding questions please comment below or reach out to us:

  • Mrinalini Dayal, mdayal[@]mozilla[dot]com - India Community Bridge
  • Alok Ranjan, aranjan[@]mozilla[dot]com - India Community Bridge
  • Konstantina Papadea, kpapadea[@]mozilla[dot]com - Community Manager Reps


  • Will Community Leaders/Workers/Reps/Organizers be able to manage their community events/announcements/achievements etc. through this portal?

  • Will they get access to insights about event registrations, send emails and contact members through this?

Not a question
I would love if I/my community could be reminded about birthdays of it’s members, always a great way to celebrate the people around you!


Thank you for your question Vishal, we will address it in the call today.

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Also, is it only for India or for all Global Mozilla communities?

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The call is open to all global community members

Why do we need a third party like Playground? Can’t we develop the portal ourselves?


Hey @gaby2300 ! All of our developers are busy working on the IAM (Identity and Access Management) initiative that will power this portal (as well as many other things) with profiles and access management.

With all of those developers and designers busy we decided to work with an agency (supervised by Mozilla staff) to be able to get this going more quickly.

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Thank you for your answer @lucyeoh! I understand but I would still think it would be much better to do it ourselves instead of paying a third part to do it, even if it takes longer.
Can I suggest money could be better invested hiring more remote contractors for example, or inviting more contributors to events?

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While I totally get the appeal of doing things internally when we can, we also have a great tradition of using third parties all over Mozilla to help us achieve our mission - from the amazing QA team at Softvision, the community expertise of Haiyya, or the experts at Analyse and Tal that worked on the communities and contributors survey. Values-aligned third party agencies are a critical part of the Mozilla team!

While we have a relatively small budget for this project we think it’s a critical investment for accomplishing the mission driven Mozillians strategy through which we’re trying to drive forward a modern unified contributor experience that will make joining the community and contributing to Mozilla more accessible, more impactful, and more fun.

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