Introducing The Community Portal - Open Beta

We are elated to announce that the new Community Portal is now live as an open beta at!

Our team has spent the last year working to develop this platform that we hope will provide Mozillians with a simple, flexible system for managing and growing communities, running events, finding activities and participating in campaigns!

We didn’t do it alone! More than 350 staff and community members contributed to this portal by joining calls, reading and responding to weekly updates, filing bugs and sharing ideas and feedback at every step along the way. We will continue to work over the next 6 months to add more functionality and features but we’re excited for you to create your profile and start adding groups and events.

Key information:

  • Accessing the portal: Please use this link: and create your individual profile.
  • Features and Functionality:
    • On this version of the portal you will be able to
      • Create & edit profiles
      • Browse members
      • Create, browse & join groups
      • Create, browse & RSVP events
      • Use Mozilla discourse to communicate with group members and event attendees
    • You will NOT be able to:
      • Create, browse or join campaigns & activities directly on the portal. You will notice that these buttons redirect you to the Activate website. Fret not, we are developing this feature and it will be ready in the next version of the Portal.
  • Timeline: The Open Beta will commence on Monday, January 20th 2020, we will have a community wide launch by the end of the quarter once the activities and campaign functionality is completely transitioned from Activate.
  • Contribute to the Portal: You can help us build more quickly by filling issues and submitting pull requests on this github repo, do check first if your issue has already been reported.

If you have any questions please check the FAQ add them below or contact us at community-portal-staff at discourse dot mozilla dot org

Enjoy the portal!


Lucy, Ruben, Konstantina, Mrinalini & the Playground Team


I would like to share some stats on day 3 of the Community Portal Open Beta:

  • 452 people registered.
  • 47 groups.
  • 14 events.

Going strong! :muscle:


What is the difference between my profile on,, and

Mozillians will transition over People Directory soon.

In the future we plan to integrate the Community Portal with the People Directory, so you don’t have to fill most of the details and they are fetched from there.

Will the profiles migrate from with the transition?

We want to migrate a portion, but planning is on going to see how to deal with inactive profiles.

Community Portal updated stats (week 3)

  • 766 profiles
  • 65 groups
  • 25 events
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