Community Strategy: How has COVID-19 impacted your community’s voice efforts?

Hi Common Voice Community,

COVID-19 is having a major impact on our day to day lives. One of the impacts it has had on Common Voice is that it has made it harder to run in-person events.

We would like to help communities share insights with one another on how they’re trying to overcome this.

How you have been able to mobilise your community during this time?

First the problems:

  • I wanted to do a talk at the Open Data Day 2020 about Common Voice but couldn’t do it because I was just a little sick. By that time it was possible to have public gatherings, it was like two weeks before the first lockdown and I wanted to avoid risking infecting anyone. Unfortunately, the ODD 2021 did not happen in my town at all.

Now our solutions:

  • During the lockdowns I tried to spin the campaign in the direction of “Bored during lockdown? Donate your voice and help to democratize speech recognition”. This worked okay-ish.
  • Later we copied the sticker campaign from the Italian team. I received a package of stickers from Mozilla and @54696d21 build a leaderboard where we could track the numbers of donations from participants:
    After a month, the 20 most active donors got a sticker set.
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Hey Stefan,

Thank you for sharing, how you were able to respond during these tough times.

Your solutions sound really interesting. Would you be happy for me to feature this on the Community Playbook ?

Many thanks,


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Sure, fell free to use everything you want. Especially the Open Data Day is something that happens every year all around the world and that is a great opportunity to talk about CV.

I recommend that you also reach out to the Italian team, they have been very active in their campaigns. Especially @Sav22999 has been very helpful.