Common Voice: Weekly Update 1st July

Hey Common Voice Community,

:open_book:Community Playbook review

It’s been nearly a year since the Community Playbook was refreshed. We know the playbook is essential to supporting participation within Common Voice!

We would love your input on how it can be improved. Please submit your suggestions to this google form, (note this form is written in English and if you would like to translate the form into another language please contact me.)

Based on my conversations so far I have started a review of the playbook, please feel free to look via this Draft 1 of V1.2 Community Playbook..

Once we have reviewed your amazing ideas, I will include the draft document with the suggestions that can be delivered within the timeframe.

The second draft of V1.2 will be open for comment via Google Docs before we start to localise it in Common Voice Languages.

I aim to publish version 1.2 of the Community Playbook by the end of July.

There will be future reviews of the Community playbook, to ensure that it is relevant and accessible for everyone.

This survey is anonymous, we look forward to hearing your ideas :slightly_smiling_face:.

Community Strategy: How has COVID-19 impacted your community’s voice efforts?

COVID-19 is having a major impact on our day to day lives. One of the impacts it has had on Common Voice is that it has made it harder to run in-person events.

We would like to help communities share insights with one another on how they’re trying to overcome this. How you have been able to mobilise your community during this time? We would love to hear your experiences and ideas in this discourse thread.

Marketing Campaign update

We are excited to share with you some editable images that can be localised, and see how you use the images to spotlight your community!

To access the images please read this thread.

We look forward to many more campaigns coming soon and as always would love new ideas.

As always, if you have questions on Common Voice, please feel free to reach out to me!

All the best,

Hillary :sparkles:

Common Voice Community Manager