Community support for false / misleading add-on reviews?

(Brandon Davis) #1

Hey there, folks!

Does the Mozilla web store provide any resources to deal with intentionally misleading untruthful add-on reviews? I’m a new developer for the mozilla ecosystem, and very low reviews at the beginning of a product’s life-cycle can really hurt!

I’m seeking support in particular for

I have a couple of pretty big issues with what was said there:

  1. It’s strictly false information. The reviewer sought in bullet #3 to give a faulty explanation of how my add-on works. I’m worried that other interested parties will see this and that misinformation may spread. Reputation is super-important with security-focused software like this. Quotes like “This add-on stores your passwords in the cloud.” can really scare away privacy-focused users, and I’m quite frustrated because these claims aren’t at all true.

  2. It’s an oddly personal attack. The primary nature of the review is not about my add-on, but instead about it’s name. I was given an ultimatum: “As soon as word “KeePass” is removed from the name, I change the rating.” which followed with “If you had a little understanding of ethic, you would consider renaming it.”

  3. The reviewer is possibly a spammer. Not in the automated spam sense, but I checked their profile and they’ve left eight (8) 1-star reviews on various add-ons, and no other rankings. See

My questions:

What are the odds of getting this sort of thing taken down? It’s a pretty unfair blow to the reputation of my new add-on and I’d love to have the chance to rebuke those claims.

What support is there in general for handling misinformation? Reviews that seek to spread false or damaging information aren’t necessarily “spam” or “offensive”, but they do just as much if not worse to hurt the community of developers trying to support Mozilla.

Thanks in advance.

(Caitlin Neiman) #2

Hi @subdavis! These are great questions.

Any registered user on AMO can flag a review for moderation. Scroll to the bottom of the comment and click the link that says “Report this review.”

Once the report is submitted, we will use the Review Guidelines to evaluate whether or not to remove the review.

(Brandon Davis) #4


I wasn’t able to see an option to “Report this review” without visiting the direct link, so I initially only saw the generic “spam”, “language”, etc. options.

It might be nice to add this option from the general review list page. Cheers.

(Caitlin Neiman) #5

Thanks for the feedback! We can certainly look into making those changes. :slight_smile: