Complete your community portal profile!

Hello everyone,

Now that we have completed the move to the community portal, we should make sure that our profiles are updated and complete. This is important, both for the reps program (for example to understand how many reps come from a certain area or are interested in certain activities) and to make sure that other members of the community can get in touch.

Please make sure that your profile has all the following information. This information should be visible to, at least, registered users.

  • Location (Country)
  • People Profile username (this can be put in your bio - Please just write the username, a link in the bio might cause issues)
  • Tags with skills and interests
  • Email or other contact method (e.g. discourse profile, matrix username)
  • Groups you are in
  • Events
  • Campaigns you participated in

We also recommend adding the following information. This is not fundamental, and depend on how much information you want to provide. However, it might help other people in the community understand what you are working on, recognize you more easily, or be able to ask for support or for collaboration (e.g. by asking questions in their preferred language).

  • Profile pictures
  • Brief profile description (bio)
  • Languages spoken

Thank you very much, and let me know if you have any questions!

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