Reps Council activity report 2020 - March 2021

Hello all,

As we are approaching the Reps Council elections, we had a request from a fellow Rep to make the work that the Council has carried out more transparent. I hope this report is a step in the right direction. Obviously, I did not include all the little details of the day-to-day work of the Council, but I aimed to give a broad overview. If you wish to hear more about any specific projects, please reach out to me or the council.

This report summarizes the activities that the council carried out since the Berlin All-Hands, which took place at the beginning of 2020.

During the Berlin All hands 14 reps had the opportunity to meet and discuss (for more details see here). From these meetings, 2 priorities were defined: “communication” and “activities and campaigns”.

As you might remember, the next All-Hands went virtual, and more reps were able to participate. During these meetings we discussed the progress of the two previously defined priorities, but we also started to discuss the challenges of Reps Mentorship.

These three projects “communication”, “activities and campaigns” and “mentorship” have been the focus of the work that the Reps Council (both the current and the precedent one) have carried out in the last year.

Of course, the council also supported further work that was carried out in the Reps Program, such as the new onboarding, and the move to the Community Portal.

If you wish to have more information on each project the Council carried out, please keep reading!

Campaign and activities - Done

The main objective of this project was for Reps to have the resources to guide volunteers to the right activities and/or campaigns based on their interests.

More specifically this project aimed to make the Reps able to guide their communities to the right activities and campaigns based on their interests and to make communities satisfied with the guidance given by the Reps.

To fulfill this aim, the Council prepared a list of all the activities and campaigns that Reps can carry out. Afterward they run information sessions on them, as well as raising awareness of various campaigns through different channels. To understand better what activities Reps were interested in, they analysed what activities and campaigns Reps were involved in.

With this data, the Council prepared a guideline/presentation which aimed to guide Reps/members of the communities on the contributions opportunities available. This guideline was presented to the Reps during a call.

This presentation was also fine-tuned to the interests of community groups by examining what kind of events were registered in the Community Portal.

We are now encouraging the translation of this presentation, so that it can be made available to as many communities as possible.



Request for localization

GitHub repository

Communication - suspended

Improving communication has often been an objective within the Reps Program.

The main objective of this project was for Reps to have all the information about Mozilla’s goals and direction and to have effective tools and processes to pass that information to their communities

Unfortunately this project has been suspended until we can have more overall clarity. A list of steps to reach for this goal, and what work has been carried out, can be found in this repository.

Mentorship - ongoing

Our main objective for this project is to revamp the Reps Mentorship, so that it provides support for Mentors and empower all volunteers.

You probably have heard me and the rest of the council talk a lot about this project already, so feel free to skip this section!

We started this project with a discussion at the Virtual All-Hands meeting. Here we collected your feedback on the main challenges of the Mentorship program, from the point of view of both mentors and mentees. A survey was organized afterward to better understand these challenges. Based on this feedback the council elaborated 5 objectives for this project, which were discussed during a Mentors Call, to make sure that we were on the right track. These are:

  • Mentors clearly know their role and functions

  • Mentees can reach out to their mentor when they need to

  • Mentors support each mentee with a frequency that is appropriate to their needs

  • New mentors are onboarded regularly

  • Mentors are well-informed about updates in the Reps Program and can communicate them to their mentees

These objectives as well as suggestion on how to reach them were published here and feedback was asked. Afterward, the council established some concrete steps, which are ongoing.

Various member of the council offered to take responsibility for one of these steps, but they are supported in these by other council members (or by reps that offered their support, let us know if you would like to support one of these steps too!).

Current steps:

  • Onboarding project: Lidya - in progress

  • Communication: David - in progress

  • Role and Activities: Francesca - in progress

  • Mentor assignment and reassignment/inactive mentors: Tim - in progress

  • Feedback: Konstantina - on hold until the other steps are completed

If you want to hear me dive in a bit more in the details of these steps, you can have a look at the 11/03/2021 Reps Call.



Objectives and proposal on how to reach them

Concrete steps:

Reps supporting new communities - Planning stages

This is a new project that is building on the work done in the “campaign and activities” project. This project aims to ask Reps to support the growth of groups registered in the portal, and to guide them on activities and campaigns they can participate in. We will focus, at first, on Indian communities. The leads of the project are Arjama (Community Manager for Indian Communities), Shina and Pranshu. Expect more news on this project and how you can take part in it! A pilot will be run soon.

Projects supported by the council:

The council also actively supported the following projects:

I hope I have not forgotten anything. If you have any questions, or you wish to participate in one of the ongoing projects, please let me or a member of the council know!