Conditional in Mail Merge

I am trying to use a conditional in my TO field of a Mail Merge. My spread sheet (csv) file has the following fields:
LastName FirstName EMAIL Veteran Cell Number Carrirer 2 Years Send Lincoln Active in Omaha InCRM SCHEDULE
My conditional looks like this {{InCRM|“Y”|EMAIL}} but nothing happens, nothing is inserted into the TO field. What am I doing wrong?

This is a forum for discussing add-on development, not for asking for support with using add-ons.

Furthermore, for support for a specific add-on you should start by seeking help from the add-on maintainer. There’s a support email address on the add-on’s home page, which unfortunately this stupid site won’t let me post a link to, but it’s addons.thunderbird. net/thunderbird/addon/mail-merge/ without the space.


Sorry, I was on the addon page and clicked on the Developers name and it took me to this site. But thanks for the correct location to ask questions.