Configuration of Bookmarks

The present configuration of Bookmarks:

Both “areas” of Bookmarks are linked, deleting from one will update the other. Neither are isolated personal storage areas for selected bookmarks of the user’s choosing. You can’t keep/delete one bookmark in one area (Bookmarks toolbar and/or hamburger icon > Bookmarks) without the action being correspondingly reflected in the other area.

The hamburger Bookmarks is very convenient for me, but I only want links in it that are temporary.
In the event I wish to keep them on a permanent basis, then I would then add them to my Toolbar Bookmarks.

As you may know this presently cannot be done, whatever happens in one version of Bookmarks correspondingly happens in the other.
I am not happy with this arrangement, and would like to bring this anomaly to the attention of the browser developers please.

Hi, the section titled “Recent Bookmarks” shows the results of a global search across Bookmarks Toolbar, Bookmarks Menu, and Other Bookmarks for the most recently added bookmarks. There isn’t a fourth category of “temporary” bookmarks, although it’s an interesting idea.

To access Bookmarks in a more classic menu, you can add the optional Bookmarks Menu button to your toolbar using the Customize screen.


The point I am trying to make here is, that the three bar hamburger icon Bookmark option, should be for those that come under work in progress.
That one is referring to them still on a constant basis.
Once they are not relevant on a day to day basis, it would be great if they could be deleted, whilst at the same time a backup is held elsewhere.
So by definition the deleting process is not synchronised.