Configure default containers for a browser window


I’m really enjoying Containers, so far, and I have some feedback about how I use it.

I use separate browser windows to separate work and personal browsing. This helps me keep my browser tabs organized cleanly and helps me stay focused.

I would find it useful if I could configure a browser window to open new tabs using a specific Container. For example: Given I open up a browser window for work, then I can tell Firefox that all new tabs for this window should use the Work Container.

This would allow me to browse more freely without making a decision about which Container I should use whenever I create a new browser tab.

Would other people find this feature useful? Would it be worth creating a GitHub issue for this?

Thanks for listening.

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Thanks for the feedback. This seems like the same feature request as:

Can you add a :thumbsup: and a comment there?

This is my user case:

  • I want to put all google drive tabs into a “Work” container.
  • I get links to gdocs on email and messaging (thunderbird and telegram).
  • When I click the links they are opened in a default tab.

Ideally I would like to drag the links to new tab icon and drop into the Work container, or set a container as a default one.

Done. Thanks for the head’s up. :slight_smile:

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