CoolPreviews: Replacement suggestions (or help saving code to file)

(Rob Mautz) #1

CoolPreviews is no longer supported by the developer (the Cool Iris team has been acquired by Yahoo for iPhone shtuff). This qualifies as a “major drag!”

Can anyone offer help by either:

1.) suggesting a good/suitable replacement browser extension
2.) provide advice as to how I can locate the CoolPreviews code & save it to file for (re)installation after moving to Windows 10. (I haven’t been able to find code/extension/add-on file saving solutions in the Firefox support forums.)

Regarding option 2.) I’m not experienced in coding, etc. I’ve located specific reference to CoolPreviews in Firefox “about:config” text, but I can’t figure out what (if anything) I can do with it. I haven’t been able to identify any specific reference to the CoolPreviews extension within the Mozilla Firefox program files visible on my HDD.


(Jerod Lycett) #2

I’m not sure what the addon is. Can you provide the link to it on AMO?

(Rob Mautz) #3

Thanks for your reply, arenlor;

No links to the CoolPreviews extension in AMO I’m afraid, as the previous url ( ) yields a “Not Found” message.

CoolPreviews allows/allowed the user to hover the cursor over a link within a web page to generate an onscreen target. Clicking the target then opened up an overlay window that displayed the web page pointed to by the link that was hovered. It’s a terriffic way for gaining quick access to info that’s a valuable referrence for fuller comprehension of the original web page content.

CoolPreviews has/had additional functionality, such as opening the overlay page to a full-on Firefox page/tab; add the overlay page to a stack of overlay pages/tabs; hover the cursor over a 2nd (3rd, 4th … etc.) link to overwrite the existing overlay window with content from the page pointed to by the 2nd (3rd, 4th … etc.) link; other functions as well.

Previous web page addresses I have for the developer now point to This page advises that support has ceased & provides a contact email address. Earlier pages advised the developers were acquired by Yahoo to focus on “Beamit” & also supplied other urls, email addresses, physical (San Francisco) street addresses, phone #s, etc.

That’s all I can offer.

(Jerod Lycett) #4

Don’t have any useful replacements, however you may be able to backup the extension. I’m not booted into Linux at the moment to confirm, but the instructions at will take you to your profile folder (about:support, click the button by Profile Folder). In there will be a folder called extensions. In the extensions folder you’ll find either an XPI or folder for CoolPreviews. Copy that folder/xpi file somewhere secure, and you should be able to restore it by copying it back to any profile extensions folder. You can test by creating a new profile on your computer:

(Rob Mautz) #5

Your instructions to copy/save/test for extension preservation went off swimmingly! Thank you so much for this assistance! CoolPreviews absence would (& at some future point, quite probably will) rather hobble my routines.

Apologies for my very belated thanks; I had … uh, STUFF … maybe???. (Though this “explanation” is true only if you read “stuff” as equating to “stuff + poor memory + procrastination”).

Personal character flaws aside & in any event, again, my many thanks! … Rob

(Paul M) #6

I still have Coolpreviews working - with one BIG caveat. It seems that its code is simply incompatible with any later versions of Firefox, therefore, I can only have it working with Firefox and earlier…

You have to take the “coolpreviews-4.5-fx.xpi” file from your old extensions folder and drag it onto the firefox window to install it anew.

Like I say, mine is still working (October 21, 2016 - with the above mentioned version of Firefox…) , so this ‘workaround’ does indeed work! Some websites though, do NOT like my ‘older version’ of Firefox! Screw 'em though! :slight_smile:

Good luck, & happy previewing!

(LMartinez) #7

I also still have CoolPreviews working, and I’m on Firefox 47. I did have to do an “about:config” mod (as described in the FF support forum on unsigned add-ons) to get FF to let me run an unsigned add-on, but I also read something about that no longer being allowed/available starting with FF 50, so I haven’t even considered upgrading past 47. I keep a safe copy of CoolPreviews, but I also have found I can just use Time Machine to restore my FF back to when it was working last, so that’s how I ended-up back at 47.

I find it shocking that no one else has developed an app to replace CoolPreviews. AFAI am concerned, if I could have only ONE add-on for FF, this would be it, and is largely the reason I’ve continued to use Firefox. Once I am no longer able to use CoolPreviews, I’m just as likely to return to Safari, or possibly consider Chrome. Any time I have to use a browser without it I find I miss it terribly, as everything takes so much longer when one has to load every website to view it.

Sigh–I keep looking and hoping that someone will start a CoolPreviews Meetup, or some sort of forum dedicated to replacing or somehow rejuvenating it–if I had the skills, I’d be working on this.


Are you still using coolpreviews? I miss it so much but have not found a replacement. Suggestion?

(The Fitness Geek) #9

try this

(Alessandro Duarte) #10

Coolprevies still work on Firefox ESR v52.9.0 (64-bit). This Extended Support Release supports legacy Add-Ons and it has security updates up to date (till now…)

(Jorge) #11

ESR 52 is now out of support. Maybe it’s still up to date with security fixes, but not for long.