Could I do that with deepspeech?

I want to get and audio input and print on the screen

Could I do that with deepspeech ?

I am a dev, I can write python even if it’s not my primary language, but I’m new en deep learning and STT

At the end I want do to it with a raspberry, but I have trouble to add a good audio jack sound input, since the rapsberry does not have it builtin, but I’s a hardware question, and I can go to odroid or other like this if I have something working.

I will do my test on my computer (ubuntu), with the standard audio mic input


ps: if I cannot, what can I use ?

Have a really nice day :slight_smile:

Yes. The examples for Deepspeech show a way to do this, you can customize on your own with python as well.

Just take a look at to re-implement this as you like.

There are bindings in other languages, so you can write in C, C++, JS, .Net, …