Could not insert hot-word

I use addHotWord in java and have a error Could not insert hot-word, this is my addHotWord:
model.addHotWord("cặc",.1f); model.feedAudioContent(streamContext, audioData, audioData.size) val decoded = model.intermediateDecode(streamContext)

why in API the function addHotWord is:
public void addHotWord(String word, float boost) { this.evaluateErrorCode(impl.AddHotWord(this._msp, word, boost)); }
This mean is an function always return on error is not?

What is the error?

Also no, it just evaluates the error code. The function does not return value, just a code indicating success/fail (I suppose).

error is “Could not insert hot-word” . Maybe “boost” value is incorrect. How much do you set this value?

Have a look at the implem? it’s free software, you can check on your own:

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