Could someone add these new dictionaries to the dictionaries list?

The dictionaries list is here;
The dictionaries I want added are:
Bislama Dictionary (created by me);
Swedish (Finland) Dictionary:
The local name for Bislama is just Bislama and the local name for Swedish (Finland) is Svenska (Finland). I may make more dictionaries soon so I may make more requests like this one.

Hi @OliverDeBriz, thanks for reaching out! Usually, dictionaries are added to the list on AMO when they have some users (and hopefully some positive reviews). For Bislama Dictionary, we’d also ask that you include an .aff file with rules.

We’ll take a look at the Swedish (Finland) Dictionary.

@caitlin I looked at what the .aff file is. I don’t know if that would work for Bislama. I do have a list of words for the spellchecker however. So could you please add it? I think putting it on the list will give it more attention. Thanks.