How to add new dictionary for Mozila?

(Mostafa Sedaghat) #1


Currently I am developing a new Dictionary for Mozila Firefox.
It is an open source project and you can access it throw github and sourceforeg:

I don’t know hoe to upload it?


(Axel) #2 is where we list the dictionaries. I haven’t heard of helpers for the packaging, but you shouldn’t need much more than a zip. Download one of the currently maintained ones there to see the structure.

We also ship hunspell dictionaries as part of our localized builds, but to include this with the Persian localization, we’d need it to be under a license that’s compatible with MPL 2. has details on that. Feel free to list your dictionary there either way, though.

(Mostafa Sedaghat) #3

Thanks for your reply.

Please check my project (Lilak). Its under ‘GNU General Public License v3’ License and the aim of my project is generating a dictionary for hunspel spell checker.
The dictionary is available for download here.
I don’t how to list it for Mozilla Dictionaries.
Should I email it to some one?

(Axel) #4

Here’s some docs on packaging and submitting to AMO:

(Tacchan666) #5

You seem to know the answer (at least I hope).
I would like my extension (ISO-639-3 code vec, “Venetan”,èneta/ ) to be present in the list at , do you know how can I accomplish this?
Thank you

(Axel) #6

Actually, no idea.

CC @jorgev, seems my past memories were bound to bugzilla, but that’s no more for amo?

(Tacchan666) #7

Thank you anyway.

(Jorge) #8

Added. For future reference, you can request an add-on to be added to that list by emailing amo-admins AT mozilla DOT org. We also monitor this forum regularly, so we would’ve done it anyway.

(Tacchan666) #9

Thank you very very much!