Council Meeting Notes - October 29th, 2019

Hi Reps,

Here are our October 29th, 2019 Council Meeting Notes. Please take a look and don’t hesitate to add if you have questions, suggestions, or anything else.

Reps OKRs

Github issues can be found here

General Issues

  1. Peers action item about sharing public meeting notes.
  1. Instagram community update
  1. Mentor/mentee ratio
  • Already asked mentors
  1. Onboarding changes
  • Follow up with the onboarding team on what happened on the bug
  1. Changing mentor to Monik
  2. New council members are joining next week
  • Onboarding meeting this week
  1. New junior community manager
  • Review last three, council had join the interview
  • Last task before decide
  • Probably will join on Nov
  1. Mozillian of the Month
  • Will start new nominating today (MoM team seems busy recently, so I will do it).
  • Opened two swag bugs for kiki to send the swag to last two winner.