Share Your Community Photos To Our Instagram Account!

Hi lovely Reps,

We already have the access to @mozillagram instagram account. We notice that many people nowadays more active in instagram, so we want to take this opportunity to continue the account that was created for the community.

So we want to encourage you to share your Mozilla Community update, with pictures, and caption, and of course some hashtags. You can share it here, so we can help to push to @mozillagram account. We would love to see more diverse photos from many communities around the globe.

We also open for ideas and feedbacks, of what are the things that you feel would be great to have on our instagram account.


This is so awesome! We shall reactivate @mozillaph in Instagram, too.

Appreciate if we can post this photo today, September 18th:

CAPTION: The Mozilla Philippines Community (MozillaPH) celebrates its 10th Founding Anniversary today. Mabuhay and Maraming Salamat to all Pinoy Mozillians, past and present. #MozillaPH #MozillaPH10


Thank you! Posted already as

CAPTION: The Mozilla Philippines Community (MozillaPH) hosted a meetup in celebration of its 10th Founding Anniversary last Saturday in Makati City. Pinoy Mozillians braved the heavy traffic and bad weather to hear talks about local community updates, contributing to localization, and Rust during the meetup. #MozillaPH10 #MozillaPH


Mozillians at GDG Devfest Ranchi


Here we are members of Central America community in the most recent event “Mozilla Activate day” in Nicaragua ( @ mozillacentroamerica )



Mozillians gathering at GDG DevFest, Coimbatore!

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Here is the Software Freedom Day 2019 Celebration by MozillaKerala on 21st September 2019.

CAPTION: Software Freedom Day 2019 Celebration was organized by Mozilla Kerala at Foxlab Maker Space, Malappuram ( @mozillakerala )

#mozilla #firefox #kerala #sfd #sfd2019 #mozillakerala #godsowncountry

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Here is when Two Mozilla Communities happened to have a meeting at the same time, and the call was set up!


1000 kilometers apart, fighting for a Healthy Internet. :two_hearts:
@mozpunjab @mozguj
#Mozilla #Firefox #Mozillians #OpenSource #Community


Caption: “We are on a boat! #MozTechSpeakers salute you from Amsterdam, enjoying the city by exploring it through its canals.
#lifeofamozillian #amsterdam #techspeakers #womenintech #speakers


Caption: “Sea of beautiful blue ducklings! We spend 2 days at the #MozTechSpeakers to improve our knowledge and stage skills! Working hard to get better at public speaking and share #mozilla’s mission for an open web!
#techspeakers #workshop #womenintech #volunteers #lifeofamozillian


Caption: Kick-starting their SUMO Journey in Vadodara! :heart:
#SUMO #OpenSource #Contribution #Support


Caption: "Today marks the launch of the Mozilla Developer Youtube Channel! Be sure to subscribe and check out the videos! "

Caption : "#MozillaTN contributors at #SFD19 events organised by #Villupuram #GLUG. After receiving award from Member of Parliament for spreading awareness about internet, privacy to wider audience.
#Mozillians #MozillaReps #techspeakers #volunteers #lifeofamozillian

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Caption: Either we talk about PWA or just simply your web app, don’t make it harder for your users. Let them do their job easily and give them time back. And memory, and resources and everything.
#viewsource #pwa #womenintech #conference #security"

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"How many mozillians can you name?

6 years ago we held our last Summit - 3 locations ~1900 mozillians
Here is a snapshot of our Balkans Communities. <3 #mozlove #mozbalkans #lifeofamozillian"

Caption: Mozilla India and Mozilla Taiwan had a dinner meetup post the “Lead Data practices” session held at Bangalore. We had great discussions on how to improvise the Mozilla India communities and how we could further contribute for FxLite project.

Caption: Mozillians at @wiz_a_thon :mage:‍♂:rocket:

Tag(L-to-R): @a_harshil @obitodarky @mdsbzalam @pransh15 @shina_dhingra @tofani_pintudo @mozguj

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Caption: Akshay and Bhuvana represented Mozilla community at @ingeniushackathon and mentored the hacks on 16th November at PES University, Bangalore. #MozillaIndia #MozillaKarnataka

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Fights for you! Mozillians at Taipei Pride Parade & Transgender Parade #Pridezilla

photo5955240677715585571 photo5955097822808353303