Country sub-categories

Hello webdevs!

What do you think about creating new categories by country?

For example:


I’m suggesting that because an actual demand we are having in our community (Brazil) where we’d like to discuss dev stuff in a separated list/category.

At first we were planning to create a mailing list but using discourse seems a better option.


Sérgio Oliveira


Is that related with Community WebDev group or it’s just dev topics?

I think a policy has to be defined for local communities and this discourse instance.

This was my suggestion:

But, I would personally have a separate Discourse instance if a lot of categories/subcategories are going to be needed for a specific local community.

Sorry for not replying.

One great thing about Discourse is that you can always move things to a sub-category after creating it. Could you elaborate a bit more on why you’d want it to be separate?