Crashed Windows 7. Trying to Recover Firefox Bookmarks in new Windows 10

My windows 7 crashed. I was running latest FF for Windows 7. I was able to recover the AppData folder from FF. But I had to install Windows 10.

On Windows 10, I installed latest firefox. Created a 2nd account “Asus”. After creating the account, I deleted the contents of the created profile and put the one from the Windows 7 account.

I launched FF from Windows+R with the following

firefox.exe -PAsus -no-remote

Firefox opened and unlike my before, I now can go to my bookmarks where I have the option to do a restore. When I attempt to do a restore, I get an error:

“Unable to process the backup file.”

I have delete the places.sqlite file. I have made sure that my files and the folder are not read-only. But I continue to get the same error.

Any thoughts

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