How to fix lost bookmarks far NOTHING works

(Michael Lambert) #1

I have a BIG problem with lost bookmarks …at the top of the browser I have this in RED …the bookmark and history system will not be functional because one of firefox files is in use by another application.some security software can cause this problem. have try many fix … NOTHING works…

(Jorge) #2

Please go to our support site for help:

(Michael Lambert) #3

at this time I like to thanks firefox for the lost of all my bookmarks …have try to recover them but to no avail… on my main desktop some program is fucking up firefox…try all that you said to do …nothing works … so do I dump firefox from all computers and tablets which I have used for many many years or have you fix the problem … your perferred


(jscher2000) #4

Can you provide a link to your thread on so I can see what went wrong there?

If you need to extract your bookmarks from one of Firefox’s automatic backups to use in another browser, or in a new Firefox profile, this tool can create an HTML-format file that is cross-browser compatible:

(Michael Lambert) #5

this is what I get

(jscher2000) #6

Thanks for the screenshot.

Did you already try creating a new places.sqlite database as described in the corresponding article:

I don’t know what other program would be touching places.sqlite. Maybe some software that clears history (or spies on your history)?