Creat Language Project (Turki)

Dear Mr/Mrs

Our language is not in the list of available mozila languages.

Please register the language according to the information below so that we can start the translation work.

English Name: Turki
Native Name : تورکجه (تورکی)
Language code: azb
Location : Iran (Azerbaijan Land)

For more information:

Hello @JavadAbbasiasl,

Apologies for the delayed response and thank you for reaching out. We’re happy to support your efforts in making the web accessible in South Azerbaijani!

As the locale code azb does not have language data specifics in the Unicode CLDR, can you confirm that the grammar rules (such as plurals) match Azerbaijani?

Alternatively, you could provide translations for the following sentences to help us identify your language’s plural rules:
How would you translate the following in this language?

0 rocks
1 rock
2 rocks
3 rocks
4 rocks
5 rocks
10 rocks
20 rocks
100 rocks
1000 rocks
I see 0 rocks on the ground
I see 1 rock on the ground
I see 10 rocks on the ground
I see rocks on the ground

Once I have this information I can get the language setup in our localization platform Pontoon.

In the meantime, I recommend that you create a user in Pontoon and familiarize yourself with the projects available. Once the language has been setup in Pontoon you can request projects to be made available for azb.

Will you be translating along with other community members? Usually we suggest starting with a smaller project, something like Firefox for Android.

Please feel to reach out if you have any questions.

Best regards,
Bryan Olsson

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you’re welcome. no problem.
Thank you for your attention to this issue.
Our grammar rules are the same as the Republic of Azerbaijan. with the difference that Iranian Azerbaijanis use the Arabic Script (Perso-Arabic). Our language, like Arabic and Persian, is written RTL. The number of Azerbaijani Turkish speakers in Iran is nearly 25 million.

Translated your phrases:
1- Numerically:

0 داش
1 داش
2 داش
3 داش
4 داش
5 داش
10 داش
20 داش
100 داش
1000 داش
من 0 داش یئرین اوزونده گؤرورم
من 1 داش یئرین اوزونده گؤرورم
من 10 داش یئرین اوزونده گؤرورم
من داشلاری یئرین اوزونده گؤرورم

To words:
صیفر داش
بیر داش
ایکی داش
اوچ داش
دورت داش
بش داش
اون داش
ییرمی داش
یوز داش
مین داش
من صیفر داش یئرین اوزونده گؤرورم
من بیر داش یئرین اوزونده گؤرورم
من اون داش یئرین اوزونده گؤروم
من داشلاری یئرین اوزونده گؤرورم

I am a member of the Pontoon site. And I am familiar with translation environments and translation rules.
One of my translation projects was WordPress, which had 94% progress.

Other resources for our language:

Thank you very much for your cooperation. And we are waiting for the preparations for the translation of Firefox to our language to be prepared and to start the translation.

Best Regards
Javad Abbasi ASl

Dear Javad,

Thank you for providing this information! I’ve set up the locale in Pontoon and have added you to the Team as Team Manager. You can find the team page here:

Right now only the Terminology project is enabled, but you can use the REQUEST MORE PROJECTS field to request a project to translate.

Please see the thread below regarding localization of Firefox for Desktop.

This note in particular:

From a contributor’s perspective, Firefox is a challenging project:
It relies heavily on the CLDR database for internationalization (dates, plural forms, etc.), and smaller locales might not be supported there.

Specifically, Firefox currently has an issue for right-to-left languages being displayed incorrectly as left-to-right if they are not part of the CLDR. This may take some time to resolve, so I would encourage you to consider another project such as Firefox for Android which I mentioned in my previous post.

Thanks again and please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Best regards,

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Dear Mr. Bolsson

Thank you very much for your good cooperation.
The translation work will start and our goal is to fully translate Firefox.

Best Regards