Create a Github Organization for Community Education

As of now, the community education website runs as a single repository (and curriculum as another single repository). This probably technically limits the ways we think about developing content for the same.

If, on the other hand, we make community education an organization under github, and the various repositories projects under it, we’ll have much more power and flexibility when it comes to creating content. We’d no longer be restricted by having to put everything look good on the main website.

And if we were to directly host content on github, we can easily have multiple subfolders running different different courses on their own. For example, can have a gh-pages branch which can be containing a P2PU course in a box, or a jekyll project, or even a static pure html project and we’d have it showing up at

I think this enables easy and independent development of a large amount of content

Why not just create CE as a team under the Mozilla Github Org?

Well, the advantages I had in mind work only when we’re hosting on github directly. I don’t know if we are hosting any of Mozilla websites on github pages.

But if we do host from there:

  • Easy pushing of updates. (just commit and push to github, or merge pull request)
  • Easy creation of subfolders which are totally independent from main site.

But the more important psychologic advantage is that we won’t shy away from creating many many subfolders.

Yeah here

Turns out community education itself is hosted on github :smiley:

$ dig -t CNAME @ +short