Create groups on

Hello everyone!

I’d like to propose to create relative groups on, so all the attendees could add themselves to those groups.
For an example “Mozlando2015” and “Participation2016”.

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Hey @artem sorry for delay.

maybe… for Participation we have a cohort, it might be interesting to create a group for that reason. what do others think? How do we actually ensure everyone is in there (cause if not it feels like partial representation won’t be that beneficial)

Hi @emma_irwin,

You’re right, it’s hard to ensure everyone is in there, but it would be good at least groups to be existed, so everyone interested could join them )

There’s a group already.

I’m kidding :laughing: I made it just now. Of course we can’t make sure everyone is on it. But I’m not sure there are many groups on mozillians which are completely populated.