Create groups on

(Artem Polivanchuk) #1

Hello everyone!

I’d like to propose to create relative groups on, so all the attendees could add themselves to those groups.
For an example “Mozlando2015” and “Participation2016”.

(Emma Irwin) #2

Hey @apoli sorry for delay.

maybe… for Participation we have a cohort, it might be interesting to create a group for that reason. what do others think? How do we actually ensure everyone is in there (cause if not it feels like partial representation won’t be that beneficial)

(Artem Polivanchuk) #3

Hi @emma_irwin,

You’re right, it’s hard to ensure everyone is in there, but it would be good at least groups to be existed, so everyone interested could join them )

(Akshay) #4

There’s a group already.

I’m kidding :laughing: I made it just now. Of course we can’t make sure everyone is on it. But I’m not sure there are many groups on mozillians which are completely populated.