Creating a bigger Mozilla design community on Dribbble

Hey Designers!

My name is Tam, I’m new here, and new at contributing to Mozilla as of the last couple of days. I’ve noticed that Mozilla has a Dribbble team and presence, and that it is quite small and doesn’t seem too active (for those that haven’t come across it Dribbble is a large portfolio web platform aimed at designers). I thought there could be a good opportunity to build more of a design community on a great visual platform. GitHub is obviously a fantastic resource for storing, editing and showcasing code but it perhaps doesn’t provide the most suited platform for showcasing the design work that Mozilla contributors create, and the Dribbble Mozilla team page could be a good place to do this!

It would be suited to showcasing logos, branding, UI and UX, mock-ups and many other things that I’m sure existing contributors have worked on often. Many companies are now utilising Dribbble, like Facebook, to showcase design. It could be a great way to help get people more interested in the front end of Mozilla, and to help show that open source community doesn’t just have to be limited to code!

I wonder if it’s possible to start adding more designers from the Mozilla design community to the Dribbble Mozilla team, and encourage them to share their design work for / from Mozilla projects? Or if this isn’t possible as I know it costs to add more members to a team, perhaps just link to the Dribbble Mozilla team in the GitHub design community so that people interested know it’s there and can see some examples of amazing Mozilla design work and it will make it a bit easier to find? I’m happy to add a pull request to the to add the link if others think that this will be helpful!


Hey Tami, thanks for the great suggestion! (and sorry for the late reply)

I am totally fond of the idea, but @lucyeoh might know more :slight_smile:

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I also like the idea, I’ve recently got an invite on Dribbble and I wonder if I could do my Debut as part of the Mozilla Design team, which is very inactive at the moment.

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The Mozilla Design Team isn’t supposed to be active on Dribbble in fact, it’s kind of a static gallery, resembling the dino.

So… They’re not going to use Dribbble anymore? Or what?

I like this idea too. Currently, our contributions are scattered on dribbble, it would be awesome to bring then under one umbrella of the Mozilla dribbble team.