Creating Extension for inter-company use only

(Richard Ayles) #1

Hi, I’ve developed an extension for Chrome that we use solely within our company - as part of the production on Chrome I am able to get this published but only for users with the same domain email address.

I have recently ported this extension over to FireFox and have it working but the only way I can pass this to other users is to get them to load it during their session by going to about:debugging - I have been looking into your release process and a lot of the pages talk about self-distribution or releasing on AMO. If I go down the route of self-distribution -, how do my colleagues go about installing the extension and is my code still subject to review, as some of the content is related purely to the company.

Thanks for your time


(erosman) #2

You place the signed extension on a server and give your colleges the URL.

Yes, but Automatic review/check with fewer restrictions.