CSS Changes in dev tools - show only final changes

Until recently “Changes” tab in dev tools used to show only the final css additions and removals. But recently it’s showing all the intermediate changes. Any way to make it show only the final changes?

Eg: Say, I change the color of a style ten times. Earlier, the changes tab will only show the original color (as removed) and the latest edited color (as addition). But now, you get to see all the edits, sort of like a history stack. While editing many styles multiple times, the history pollutes the tab and makes copying new changes difficult.

@whoisagoodfox Hi! This sounds like a bug. Can you provide more information:

  • steps to reproduce
  • version of the browser used (102, 103, 104?)
  • maybe a screenshot?

I tried to reproduce the issue on the current Nightly (104) but couldn’t get it.
We recently fixed something around this topic (https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1590031) which landed in 103, so I’m wondering if you are either experiencing the original issue (on 102), or maybe an edge case which regressed because of the previous fix (on 103 or 104).


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@jdescottes The bug you linked is precisely the issue I’m facing (on 102). Which prompted me to download 103 beta and I’m glad to say that the issue has been fixed on 103! I see that you provided the patch, so thank you very much for fixing this annoying bug.

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Oh, glad this is fixed for you, and thanks for answering so quickly!