68.0 Dev Tools Colour Picker broken

Just reporting some things I found.

68 installed itself today and the colour picker in the developer tools has changed. This new version doesn’t allow the colour to be selected and modified in real time as it did before… i.e. it’s not behaving like a picker. Now one has to close the picker, reopen it, make a choice, and then do it all over again for every variation. It’s like the options in the picker only work once.

An additional issue I notice is that it is now more difficult to insert a new CSS style in the right hand column of the dev tools. One could previously click anywhere to the right of the selector or declarations and it would enter a new one. Now one has to click around trying to find the spot.

Hi @robax

I couldn’t reproduce your issue with the color picker, can you share a link to the page where you have this issue?

For creating rules, clicking anywhere in the blank space to the right of existing rules creates a new rule for me. Can you share a screenshot and highlight the area where you have to click to get it to work?

Also, you should make sure it’s not some conflict with an add-on. To check that, simply disable your add-ons temporarily and try it again. If it works again, enable each add-on again one by one and to find the one that causes the problem.


Hi Julian

I’ve just checked this again after rebooting today and voila… it works!

Both issues are fine again now. I guess I assumed it was a problem with the new picker as it all failed after the 68 update.

All good, thanks!

Thanks Sebastian

I was about to try that but it it all started working again after a reboot so it must have been something flaky after the initial update installed.
Good stuff!