Custom New Tab Page URL in Navbar

(Manthan) #1


I am working on a new firefox extension (already works in chrome), and it seems to be working except for one thing. When I open a new tab, the address of the extension is already in the navbar and gets in the users way. Anyone know how to stop this?

Here is the extension: (please be gentle, its a work in progress)


(Juraj Masiar) #2

I’m not sure why, but in Firefox the URL will be empty only if it matches the URL of the add-on that overrides it.
This basically means it has to end with /your_page.html. In your case it’s /index.html#/ - the “#/” is the issue here. If you get rid of that, it should get fixed.

Also make sure to vote for these:

(Manthan) #3

@juraj.masiar That seems to fix the URL issue but now I get a blank page. The HTML loads fine but none of the js or css assets are loaded. My guess is that the URLS that vue (the framework I use) does it with a leading / which could be a problem.

(Juraj Masiar) #4

Probably. From what I can remember working with AngularJS, the data after # are used for routing the states. So if you remove it completely, you won’t get to any state.

But I’m sure you can override the behavior or maybe make your main state as the fallback state - where app will route when no matching routing is found.