Dashlane Ap

When will Firefox have a Dashlane ap?

Is that a password manager?

We have a built in one, we also have some pw manager addons out there.

Dashlane is a password manager and one that I have used successfully for over 2 years. It will automatically take you to the site and log you in.
I may have to go back to Google Chrome if I can’t get Dashlane up and running on Mozilla.

Talk to Dashlane, they’re the ones who would have to write it.

They are currently in the review process.

I want to help you protect yourself, you know when you use Google Chrome all your data is taken and used by them. You end up with extra physical mail in your home mailbox due to that. G makes thousands off of you and they won’t share it with you at all, they say we’re giving you greater products, but when really their just giving you “greater (data mining) products”. And when you bring a concern to them, like a valid bug or anyhing, they won’t give you an ear unless you’re a big hotshot with money. (i and many others had this experience)

Thanks for your discourse on Google. I appreciate your comments.

Do you have a timeline as yet for the completion of the review?

As soon as possible.

Here’s how I got dashlane on firefox…make sure the dashlane addon has been install from dashlane (it will say that it is not verified and will not let you use it within firefox). Now, install the LastPass (password manager) addon from within firefox. Once that is done, Dashlane will automatically appear on your menu bar and be fully functional. Why this works, I have no idea, but it works.

Thank oyu for responding. Interestingly enough, I got Dashlane to work on Firefox without having to add any addit6ional add-ons. I did take a look at LastPass, and it appears to be a decent program. I currently use both Roboform and Dashlane (both free versions) and I also have Keypass that I was trying out. Now all I have to do is try to get my Western Digital external drive recognized! I really like Windows XP. It’s unencumbered and easy to use. I’m also running Windows 8.1 and as usual, it’s overloaded with useless extra’s that I’ll probably never use.

Again, thanks for the response and “Keep 'em Flying”!

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I installed this on my phone today and was thrilled. Not to strong a way of saying that, IMO.

I’ve been bugging Dashlane since last summer. Looks like you guys are heroes