My Dashlane extension disappeared

(Willy Istvan) #1

I have an extension called Dashlane where all of my passwords are stored. It stopped working the other day. I looked for a fix, and it told me to remove the old extension from FF and then just add a new updated version
of Dashlane. I can’t seem to get Dashlane to show up anywhere in my FF addons in order to enable it. How can I get Dashlane back on my FF browser. I don’t want to have to switch all of my bookmarks to Chrome. Is there anything I can do?


(Martin Giger) #2

This sounds a lot like

Which essentially the same as what most posts are about here in the past couple days.

(Willy Istvan) #3

Thank you so much. I clicked on your “here” link and downloaded Dashlane and it seems to be working again.

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(S Schoemaecker) #4

I updated Firefox and there was a fix.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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(Barba1844) #5

To do this please follow-What- the reply stops, it isn’t complete. What are the directions please?
The directions from Dashlane assume I can find an extentions page,which I cannot.

(Martin Giger) #6

There is a link to the page in the post that I embedded in my reply. You can click on the post to expand it. The link is on the word “here”. Or you can use the method they describe to install the extension via their app.

(Barba1844) #7

About Firefox does nothing, no drop down dialogue box. In the help menu drop down. there is a restart with Add-ons Disabled…should I check that one?
PS thank you for your help