Dates and time of arrival and departure

Hello reps,

It would be great if we could collect everyone’s date and time of arrival and departure in London. SO we could meet at the airport and head to london in small groups. It would be nicer than going alone.

Please complete this pad

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Flore - We received the data from the travel company - I can add them there for all ( I think we will have a wiki for this too)

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@Ioana, I will email you my travel information. Thanks


As per the travel information i’m provided with i will be arriving in LHR airport at 6:00 PM . Any help on how to get to the hotel without getting lost ? :’( Never been to London actually !

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Working on the wiki right now - I will gather all needed info and send a mail with it!


I’ve added them here:

We have some duplicates and wrong data exported for arrivals - I will continue after we get the correct ones.

Feel free to add your or correct it if needed.

Unfortunately due to privacy issues all my data was deleted!

I will think to solutions and will communicate them through email.

Well, as suggested, a google doc accessible to only those who have the link would do the trick…

Ye it will Flore. But was 3 am and went to bed. I will remake it this weekend and share it.

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Yes of course, I understand… But you just told you would think of solutions, I just pointed out this one :wink:

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