Decentralized disaster road mapping & route planning

This session is facilitated by Janet Chapman, Ben Abelshausen, Bakos Gabor

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About this session

Crowd2Map and OpenPlannerTeam together show the potential of road mapping in OpenStreetMap (OSM) and decentralized routing tech for disaster mapping. Crowd2Map Tanzania is a crowdsourced mapping project that was born 4 years ago at MozFest! We map rural Tanzania using mobile apps (for locals on the ground), open data and satellite mapping on OpenStreetMap. OpenPlannerTeam builds tools that enable route planning using nothing more than a browser to bring route planning to the many, not the few.

Our goal for this session is to demonstrate how we can work together to improve the current state of the art in disaster mapping by combining live mapping with live route planning. Having mappers together with coders doing route planning shows the added value to both. We illustrate how easy it is to contribute by doing mapping online. For coders we will demonstrate how to use the route planning library planner.js.

Goals of this session

Better maps and reliable route planning in rural Tanzania and beyond, and a wider understanding of the issues. Participants will know how to set up their own route planning and/or learn how to map. In the process we also want to grow the Crowd2Map and OpenPlannerTeam communities.