DeepSpeech 0.8.1 Blank inference returned

I’m trying to train a french model with:
dev: 800
train: 400
test: 2800
with Hyperparameters:
python3 --export_language “fr_FR” --n_hidden 2048 --checkpoint_dir checkpoint --train_files data/fr/clips/train.csv --dev_files data/fr/clips/dev.csv --test_files data/fr/clips/test.csv --learning_rate 0.00095 --dropout_rate 0.3 --epochs 1 --train_batch_size 10 --dev_batch_size 10 --test_batch_size 6 --export_dir data --export_tflite true

Why are my inferences blank? Do I need more data ?

With just 1 epoch you won’t see anything, try 10-15.

And how many hours are that in total? You should have a couple hundred to get a general language understanding. For more:

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