Deepspeech on Android

Does anyone knows how to deploy deepspeech on android? or on a respberry pi?

Have you read the documentation ?

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Sorry, I cannot find any reference document to deploy deepspeech on android.:sob:

Thank you very much!

We also have libdeepspeech on JCenter:

And you can rely on higher-level mozillaspeechlibrary from as well

Hi, lissyx, I also have another question on the import deepspeech.

I know after deepspeech(v0.2), " from deepspeech import Model" is correct, but it’s not suit for deepspeech(v0.1).

Now I am testing deepspeech(v0.1), How can I correctly import Model from deepspeech?

Take a look at the examples / bindings in v0.1.1 ?

Sure, Thank you very much.

Hi everyone, is there any update on DeepSpeech on Android, or is there a preferred solution?

Some options:

Looks good, thanks :+1: