DevDerby - let's get started!

Sorry guys it’s been difficult deciding which direction to go in as we want to allow multiple types of submissions if we can, and we’ve spent a lot of time trying to weigh the right approach. But we’ve agreed we need to just start something and we can always hack it or change our approach after our first contest.

What we need:

  • A basic site that explains the contest, category, rules, etc
  • A submission page that asks for screenshots, a description and a link to the submission
  • The page should only accept links from the right source, eg if the contest is an add-on then it should only allow links at
  • Sign-in with Persona to submit?
  • IF this is within the skills of the people working on this, can we have the page send you to eg addons, have you submit there, then grab the link for you and take you back to our submission page? (this is super extra icing for a first attempt, forget I even said this :wink: )
  • Where will the screenshots live? You (as the hackers) will need to discuss this with us (the drivers).

We really need someone to step up to drive the coding end, you don’t have to be the best coder, just have the time and the interest. Give updates on how far along we are, make sure to ask for help if someone is stuck, remind people about meetings etc.