DevDerby - Testing DemoStudio

Hey all,

We talked at today’s meeting about the submission process. The lowest bar would be to continue using the DemoStudio submission mechanism if we can. We’ve been exploring using other tools, eg Thimble, but they currently don’t allow the same ease of uploading a single zip. Images would have to be hosted elsewhere and linked to. We should test the capabilities of DemoStudio so we know what types of contests we’d be able to run without changing the code.

Add-ons and Jetpacks would be a first good test, as would marketplace apps (these should be fine!).

@mars I guess what would be best would be to get a test instance of DemoStudio up so that we’re not cluttering up the live DemoStudio?

We might be able to test this using the MDN staging servers at The staging database gets overwritten with fresh production data every night, so we wouldn’t have to worry about the test data cluttering up the live studio content.

FWIW, I can tell you that Demo Studio is built specifically for HTML demos packaged as .zip files.

As the submission rules mention, there must be an index.html in the root of the .zip file. Also, the security team required that all files in the package get scanned for their content-types against a blacklist. Missing the index.html or including a blacklisted file type results in rejection of the submission.