Developer Support? Options/Preferences Tab Suddenly Blank


We’re having a hard time finding an help documentation around the options_ui feature. Without any changes to our FoxFilter extension, customers are complaining that the Options/Preferences tab in the about:addons are of the Firefox browser is suddenly appearing as a blank screen. Is there a way for us to debug what may be happening for FoxFilter and is this a known issue for other extensions as well?

In reviewing this doc, we’re not seeing anything that might

Here is our extension:

Our manifest.json has the necessary entry, but for some reason appears blank and we don’t seem to see any errors logged when we use the Debug/Inspect feature.

“options_ui”: {
“page”: “html/start.html”

What would be the ideal place to post this type of question?

Thanks in advance!

FoxFilter Team

Options page in the about:addons page is buggy. I remember so many issues over the years… text not selectable, context menu not working, infinite loop when zoom is used (LOL), smooth scrolling getting stuck.

Ah… I’m so glad I’ve stopped using it. Even in Chrome there were some issues and in other Chromium browsers (like Opera) it was behaving different than in Chrome.
So anyway, if you can, open options page in the new tab instead.

"options_ui": {
  "page": "options/options.html",
  "open_in_tab": true

And then browser.runtime.openOptionsPage(); to open it from UI.

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Thank you for the suggestion! We will certainly give this a try and let you know how it goes. Thanks again!


Thank you for solving the issue for us. Adding “open_in_tab”: true did the trick! Thanks again!

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