Developer Toolbar Error Counter

(David1916) #1

I am currently disabling E10s because while developing javascript the Error Counter is useless.

Normally I would

  1. filter Console JS Errors / Warnings
  2. modify my javascript
  3. Reload Page…and watch Error Counter to see if any Javascript errors/warnings

Error Counter seems to count everything regardless of filter
Can’t find a way to reset it
Even starting the browser with home page set to blank and No filters applied i get 9 in the counter.
or it just counts thousands of CSS errors which currently i am not interested in

(Patrick Brosset) #2

Hey David.

Yes this is an unfortunate bug that was indeed originally caused by moving to the e10s architecture. The bug itself is tracked here:

As you can see, the bug has been around for 2 years, which is unfortunately the result of the Developer Toolbar not being actively maintained, as a result of it not being used much at all.

In fact, its very low usage is making us seriously consider getting rid of the toolbar entirely. The amount of code that needs to be maintained for the very small usage it represents is just not worth the effort.
Please see this email thread related to the removal intent:

I hope we can bring back a decent error count in DevTools itself at some stage.
@Nicolas_Chevobbe might know if there is already a bug for this on file.

(Harald Kirschner) #3

Hi @david1916, I am trying to better understand that debugging workflow and how it depends on error counts in the toolbar.

Could you describe somewhat how you approach debugging, what you are working around and what makes it most effective or gets in the way?

(David1916) #4

Its more a convenience thing really rather than a debug workflow.

Without the need to have the developer tools open, the counter immediately draws my attention to the fact that there is … something … wrong.

I can click it to open developer tools and find out what.

If you are going to ditch the developer toolbar, then probably someone will make a javascript errors counter addon like they have in chrome

All I would like is to have is a small red? filtered counter …somewhere… that i can click to open developer tools

(Nicolas Chevobbe) #5

This Chrome extension seems helpful, would you have the link to it ? Maybe it can be installed right away in Firefox.

(Patrick Brosset) #6

Found this:
Seems to work ok so far. I’ve had to fix a tiny thing for it to work in Firefox, and I’m asking the maintainer if they want to push it to too:

(Nicolas Chevobbe) #7

The ddon was published for Firefox \o/

(David1916) #8

yes thankyou. javascript errors notifier, just tested this out and seems to work well.