Dictionaries will break if 60.0 ships soon

(Evilham) #1

As it is right now: many dictionaries will break once people are told to upgrade to Thunderbird 60.

This will make many people unhappy as having working dictionaries is a central part to writing emails :-D.

Since there is no warranty dictionary maintainers will update in time and dictionaries are… Just dictionaries: would it be possible to drop the “compatible with 60” check only from dictionaries? Or is there really no distinction whatsoever between dictionaries and add-ons?

The way I see it: I could expect an add-on to break, but I wouldn’t expect dictionaries to do so (was certainly surprised now that I wanted to switch to another dictionary and it wasn’t available).

I am temporarily disabling the extensions.strictCompatibility setting to continue writing emails that don’t make other people’s eyes hurt :).

(Vseerror) #2

Which dictionary fails for you?

Have you seen the discussions in tb-plannning and maildev mailing lists that mention dictionaires?

The maildev topic is titled “add-ons in thunderbird 59 - not compatible by default”


For me German Dictionary v2.0.6 got disabled.

(gNeandr) #4

Same here, same dict missing. Have to go back to
Version 59.0b2 / Build 20180228045324
to get dictionary support!
Any new schedule to have it available with TB60?

Greek Spelling or Spellchecking Dictionary
(Vseerror) #5

see https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1456988

(Mkovacs) #6

I’m an simple user of the Thunderbird. I have no clue how to program. How to go back one earlier version. I speak multiple languages but I can not properly write in all the known languages. The dictionary was a crucial tool. I also know that things are changing and the need to change is needed. But a bit of Common Sense from the developers would be a welcome thing. Please think how your action can affect the millions of users some of us may know how to build a bridge but don’t know how develop a software.

(Vseerror) #7

mkovacs, https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1456988 was fixed some months ago.

What version of Thunderbird are you using? And which dictionary is not working?