Thunderbird 65 and Languages

(Tim Bull) #1

Hi All,

Seems that Thunderbird 65 greys out the “Language:” option. (Under
I have had to revert back to 60 or I cannot have any spell checking of
any sort.

otherwise loved it!



(Sfhowes) #2

See the release notes re dictionaries. We’re supposed to use WebExtension dictionaries in 65b.

(Mmilic) #3

Yes, I have read the release notes and the web Extension Dictionnaries note, but nowhere the “how to”. If I have to spend hours trying to figure out how it works, what addon is for the beta or not, then guys there is a problem.
I really think to get out of Thunderbird, every new release something is screwed up. I don’t get it that we cannot even add signatures in the beta version, now the spell check, other languages… anyway

(Sfhowes) #4

Download the dictionaries from this page (look for webext in the version number). Right-click the Add to Firefox button, Save Link as…, download the xpi and install in TB like any other add-on.

(Mmilic) #5

Thanks a lot. This was nice of you and it worked right away.

(Vseerror) #6

Betas are not consumer grade, and therefor not “releases” for the general public - ever.

You might reconsider using beta, because it’s likely going to get worse before it gets better.