Different max_decoder_steps in both Tacotron and Tacotron2

I would like to know, inside layers/ , why they got different values of max_decoder_steps in both tacotron.py and tacotron2.py ?

in layers/tacotron.py , the self.max_decoder_steps = 500


in layers/tacotron2.py , the self.max_decoder_steps = 1000

Which i assume MAYBE that could be the reason why i keep on getting the message

warning: audio amplitude out of range, auto clipped.
 | > Synthesizing test sentences
   | > Decoder stopped with 'max_decoder_steps
   | > Decoder stopped with 'max_decoder_steps
   | > Decoder stopped with 'max_decoder_steps
   | > Decoder stopped with 'max_decoder_steps

during training of Tacotron 2 but everything went fine on plain Tacotron.

Any explanation for this max_decoder_steps values together with the warnings ?

you should really start to read some source code. It is the upper limit for decoder to iterate. If stopnet does not predict right we don’t like to waste computation for going forever with the decoder.