Discourse language for users before registration


(Michal Stanke) #1

It would be great, if Discourse honors Accept-Language HTTP header for not logged in users. If I visit Discourse in a private mode or log out, I see it in English, despite the Czech localization exists. The only way, how to set it up, is to log in and have Czech set in my account preferences.

If Discourse shows the page localized based on Accept-Language header send by the browser, it would be much easier to use it e.g. for local community or local support forums too (for those, who do not want to maintain care about standalone community system or do not want to use SUMO as a local support platform).

(Tanner Filip) #2

This looks like it’s already been implemented upstream, almost two years ago. I’ll investigate a bit to see why it might not be happening here.

(Tanner Filip) #3

Turns out the feature wasn’t enabled. I’ve enabled it, but it’s still marked as experimental so it may not work properly in some situations. Thanks for bringing this up!

(Michal Stanke) #4

Thank you, works for me now. :slight_smile: Feel free to close this, or what is being done with resolved topics.

(Leo McArdle) #5