[discourse-mozillians] Bug: docker build fails with v1.0.0

When trying to build a docker instance with discourse-mozillians v1.0.0, it fails with the following error

NoMethodError: private method `prepend' called for #<Class:0x007f779ae400c0>::PersonaAuthenticator
/var/www/discourse/plugins/discourse-mozillians/plugin.rb:33:in `block (2 levels) in activate!'
/var/www/discourse/plugins/discourse-mozillians/plugin.rb:32:in `each'
/var/www/discourse/plugins/discourse-mozillians/plugin.rb:32:in `block in activate!'

Turns out this is because of a discrepancy between the versions of ruby used in the vagrant container and used in docker. In vagrant it’s 2.1, in docker it’s 2.0.

http://stackoverflow.com/a/23681040 explains the reason, and gives a fix.