Discourse SOPs

After a discussion yesterday, @yousef, @tanner and I felt that Discourse as a project had matured to the stage where we needed some more formal policies and procedures for how we do the things we are doing, rather than the somewhat ad lib approach we currently have.

@yousef and I were meeting in the London Space today anyway, and so decided to spend our time there working on beginning to draft some SOPs.

https://wiki.mozilla.org/Category:DiscourseSOP is the result.

Some SOPs are closer to a final draft than others, which still need to be fleshed out, but the hard work in starting to write them has been done.

I think the feeling of necessity for this shows the maturity of Discourse as a project, and should reflect on us well within the wider Mozilla community.

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Thanks so much for starting this. On the action items meeting, we talked about how I don’t want to use the term SOP. I think the path is quite long but we can figure that out once we’re sure which docs we’ll end up with. I think that a bunch of these can be in the same doc, eg creating a moderator vs creating an admin. That can also then include some tips on how to decide if a person should be an admin vs a moderator.

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I also want to organize this in terms of user group as discussed in the wireframe for the wiki sprint. Requesting a category is for people who want to use Discourse. How to create an admin is for people admining Discourse. So if we were going to have the same number of levels in the path structure, I’d want what is currently at /SOP/ or to instead be something that describes the target audience.

Though I also think that in terms of using the main discourse we probably want a /Discourse path instead of /CommunityOps/Disourse. So yeah better to figure out what docs we actually want, and then decide on the paths after :smiley:

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